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Conversations With Matt Dwyer Needs Your Help & Why I’m Not A Dick For Asking

Fine Friends, Listeners and People of Influence.,

I come to you to ask for a little help. In celebrating the two year anniversary of “Conversations With Matt Dwyer” we wish to take the show on a road trip conversing with people we meet along the way, filming and having it documented via the great photos of Kelly Rose.

I’m not the kind of guy who likes to ask people for money, but as my good friend and the fellow who inspired this journey – Shane Bugbee says, “You’ve given people two years of a free show. They can support you in expanding the creative endeavor that is your podcast.”

This trip is not a vacation. It will be an art project. It will be a lot of work and Kelly and I hope to create a visual universe that will accompany the episodes we record on the road. We will film portions of the interviews, the tours of people’s work environments as well as additional audio that will live out side of each episode. In addition to that we will be blogging, posting pictures and video the entire time we are traveling.


“Conversations With Matt Dwyer” has always been a celebration of individuals, their stories and lives. We want to go out and meet the great people of America in their settings and share that world with my audience.

This isn’t the only dream we have for this project. Kelly and I hope to document future road trips in various parts of the country with the end result being an art book rich with Kelly Rose imagery and text from both of us.


Please help us kick off this art project. Donate a dollar or donate 100. There are gifts for various donations on our gofundme page.

Here is the link:  http://www.gofundme.com/CWMDroadtrip 

I thank you greatly for your support over the past two years and Kelly and I look very forward to bringing you some incredible podcasting. We already have some amazing guests booked for this trip. Madame Chinchilla from the Triangle Tattoo Museum in Fort Bragg. Beat poet Ruth weiss and a poet fisherman in Astoria Oregon.

Much Love,

Matt Dwyer & Kelly Rose

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