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My Favorite Episodes of Conversations With Matt Dwyer 2013

I had a great year of guests on “Conversations With Matt Dwyer.” I think when I got away from the political angle and started going back to my original idea of talking to  people with interesting lives the show became more centered and vibrant.  The list is in no particular order. The number one does represent THIS IS THE BEST SHOW OF THE YEAR! I love all of my shows.  The strange thing is that I keep in touch with 90 percent of my guests and some have become close friends. I love that.  Also, this list is not to take away from any of my other guests. I truly love every episode.

1. Danny Bland -  I mean we talk about sex death and heroin what else do you need? Mr. Bland is a great and fascinating dude. Also read his book, In Case We Die. Listen here

2. Laurie Lipton - Ms. Lipton is a genius of an artist and a very fascinating lady to talk to. If you haven’t seen her work google it. It’s mind blowing. She’s astounding. Listen here

3 Jason Baldwin of The West Memphis Three - I think “West Memphis Three” is enough said. Mr. Baldwin and I talk about life after prison and the wrongs of giving teens life sentences. Listen here

4. Lucien Greaves - The guy who turned the founding member of the Westboro Baptist Church’s mom gay in the afterlife via a Satanic Pink Mass. That’s a win. (it’s a 2 parter actually) Listen here

5. Jason McBeth -  Jason is a poet who grew up in the foster care system which lead him to addiction homelessness and almost a life of crime. His story is a fascinating one. Listen here

6. Mike O’Connell - Mr. O’Connell is one of the most brilliant minds I have known. He comes on to talk about his album of sad songs, life in Chicago drinking and the list goes on. Listen here

7. Cody Marks - Mrs Marks’ dream since she was a child was to sing to people in prison. She achieved that goal. She is a fascinating hilarious woman. She even used to steal cars when she was a teen. Pretty awesome stories in this episode. Listen here

8. Bernadine Mellis - Ms. Mellis was one of those perfect conversations that I felt truly was in the spirit of Studs Terkel. She grew up with 60s political radicals as parents. She made a documentary about her father civil rights lawyer Dennis Cunningham. I had him on the show too. It’s a great episode. Listen to Bernandine Mellis here

9. A Year At The Wheel - This two parter is with Shane & Amy Bugbee who went on a year long road trip starting off with only $180 bucks in their pocket.  Their goal was to meet Americans of all walks of life and to get to know them. They have a book and a documentary they made. It’s really amazing. I interviewed Mr. & Mrs. Bugbee individually so I could get their take. 

Listen to Shane here

Amy here 

Harold Budd - Is a well known musician in the Avente-Garde world. We talk about the depression and selfishness of artists, his hatred for labeling what he does and wondering Korean town and watching jazz giants like Gerry Mulligan play. Listen here

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