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A Fan Of My Podcast Writes The Letter I needed To Hear

Doing a podcast is a strange thing. Often you don’t know who is listening and what they think. You’re just sort of speaking into an abyss and hopefully it resonates with someone - anyone. I have gotten some great emails oddly right when I need a bit of a confidence boost. Below is a paragraph from a fella who sensed I was down and wrote this wonderful letter. To top it off it’s exactly how I wish for the show to be perceived and what I want to be doing.  Thank you Grigory Pynchon you made my fucking day/week/month and year. 

 I love the conversations, and I often wish I was on a position to do something really awesome like that. Even if the money isn’t good, you are doing a public service by getting these peoples stories told. Mixing people from all walks of life makes it even better, you are melding high and low culture into one big human conversation, and I think that is pretty fascinating. I think you are actually contributing more to society with your conversations than people who opt to desk jockey. The pay might not be optimal, but neither is social workers pay, or artists, or the majority of the professions that actually help us retain our humanity.”

That letter is all I need to keep doing my show. I’m a lucky fucker to have met Dustin Marshall who helped me do this. Thanks to him and Feral Audio. 

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