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The Transgender Education of Matt Dwyer

I like to think of myself well informed on many of the happenings and going ons in the world. However, when it came to anything transgender related I would have to say I knew shit about fuck. Thus this weeks guest for “Conversations With Matt Dwyer”  

Shadi Petosky is well versed on the subject. When we recorded this Shadi was seven weeks in transition. Frankly I was a little nervous to have the conversation. Mostly because I was FULLY aware I was ignorant on the subject. I was frightened I’d say the wrong thing and offend Shadi.

I don’t think I did though Shadi did sweetly correct me once for using incorrect wording.

Regardless what results is a very warm charming and informative conversations not only about what it means to be a transgender person but we also get into Mad Magazine Vs. Cracked. 

Please do enjoy.

Listen here: http://bit.ly/10sdx3K

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